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Our passion is service.
Our craft is coffee.

about us

Welcome to On the Reg Coffee Company, your North Georgia based private event coffee/espresso catering service.

Though small, we prioritize quality with commercial-grade products from trusted suppliers. From an Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Oat Milk to a regular coffee — we got you covered. 

anything else

At OTR, we believe every event deserves great coffee. That’s why our mobile cart brings signature espresso drinks made with locally-roasted beans to any occasion.

Count on us for a memorable coffee experience.

When you choose OTR, you’re not only treating your guests to exceptional coffees and service, but also contributing to a more sustainable and community-focused world.

Allow us to introduce ourselves, my name is Cameron and that is my better half Vanessa.

From spelling her name wrong on her Starbucks order to putting an extra syrup pump “on the house” at our home coffee bar — you could say coffee is embedded deeply into our relationship and into our marriage.

We launched On the Reg Coffee Company at Barnaroo and had such a blast serving the community.

That event showed us how much we really enjoy crafting drinks and vibing with our customers. 

Ever since then, we have been building our craft and fine tuning our processes. 

When you choose OTR, we guarantee our personalities and our expertise will overflow with every latte.

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